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Law of Abundance

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Each new moon brings the opportunity of abundance and success.  Within 24 hours of the new moon (listed below) take a personal check or a blank piece of paper and write out the check as follows:

1.  On the date line, put in the date of the new moon.

2.  On the line that says pay to the order of, put your entire name – example:

          Michele Renee Smith Johnson.

3.  Also on this line is box for the entire amount of the check – write Paid in Full.

4.  On the next line, where you write the dollar amount, write Paid in Full.

5.  Where you usually sign your checks write Law of Abundance.

Fold this check and put it away.  In your check register, write the check number, your name just as you wrote it on your check, and write Paid in Full in the balance column.  This will not guarantee you the lottery but it seems some surprises do occur.  Plant the seed and watch the blossoms grow.

2014 New Moons

January 1  -  Capricorn

January 30 - Aquarius

February  -  none

March 1  -  Pisces

March 30  -  Aries

April 29  -  Taurus / Solar

May 28  -  Gemini

July 26  -  Leo

August 25  -  Virgo

September 24  -  Libra

October 23  -  Scorpio / Solar

November 22  -  Sagittarius

December 21  -  Capricorn / Winter Solstice