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2018 Mercury Retrogrades

We need to stop thinking that Mercury Retrograde is all about fear and despair.  We need to consider that with our busy lives we have to make time for reflection.  Of course we should remember that Mercury Retrograde is about the “Re”.  Re-do, Re-think, Re-pair, and Re-flect.  Mercury Retrogrades are needed so that we can take time out for all of the “Re’s” in our lives.  Mercury Retrogrades make available opportunity for you to see your plans connect with your higher self and review the goal that you want to achieve.  You have these opportunities three times a year.  Start Re-thinking Mercury Retrograde.

In Aries:  March 23 through April 15

In Leo:  July 25 through August 19

In Sagittarius/Scorpio:  November 16 through December 6