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January 2018

Happy New Year!!

The Full Moon on January 1st is in Cancer and will help us to start getting our ducks in a row.  It’s also about home and family.

We have an Aquarius/Leo  Full Moon Eclipse on January 31st which is all about giving and receiving.  We need to make sure we have balance to be able to do both.  This will be going on for 6 months.  Please remember, we can’t fix everything at once.  So, remember to breathe!

Saturn is in Capricorn.  Remember, Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn.  Saturn loves Capricorn this year and with Jupiter in Scorpio until November, this is going to be a year to get our lives in order.  We need to make a list of the things that help us balance our lives.

Please try not to let fear stop you from moving forward this year.

The first two weeks of the year have us getting things started.  It’s good for business, so stay positive and have some fun!

The New Moon on the 16th is in Capricorn.  It’s another great energy to start things and be responsible.   

I hope I gave you a Clear View of January!

Live, Love, Laugh & Learn

Sherri   -   Clear View Astrology