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Natal Reports:  Heaven Knows What

                         Sky Within

Relationship Reports: Friends & Lovers

Forecast Reports: Heaven Knows What

                               Life Progression

                               Sky Log

                               Solar Return

                               Day Watch

                               Relocation - Horizons

Other:  Past Life Astrology


             Spiritual Path


Heaven Knows What - Your Natal Report        $20             

The natal report is how we start to find out all about:
- How you handle the issues that are going on in your life

- The attitude you take, either the positive or the negative

- Why you approach your life’s path the way you do

- Childhood, family, and personal issues

When you understand your inner self you can work on the challenges in your life. Your life’s path will be easier to walk. There are many avenues of astrology but the Natal Report is a great place to start it will show you a Clear View of the positive aspects and the challenges on your path. Your  natal report is all about you!!!!

Life Progression Report                                      $20            

This report shows how you’re progressing through your life.  It’s all about checking to see if you’re moving forward the way your roadmap is instructing you, providing guidance and direction to a successful life journey.

Sky Log Report                                      3 months  $15     


                                                                 6 months  $30     

                                                               12 months  $60     

A great transit report that tells what will be happening in the sky that may affect you.  You’ll find a logical flow that’s practical and also intuitive in this conversational style report.  If you’re looking for a report that feels like a friend speaking to you, this is the one!

Solar Return                                                            $20     

This is a Birthday report! It shows you how important your birthday really is and how it fits into the next fifteen months, so you can focus on your Life’s Path.

Relocation - Horizons                  per  location -   $10     

This helps you relocate to exactly the right place for you. It’s a great tool to have to give you a Clear View, so you can relocate without stress. It gives you choices of cities, states and countries.  


Friends & Lovers - Relationship Report                $25       

Relationship Astrology is a wonder tool to use because it shows how you relate to the friends and lovers in your life. If you want to have a great relationship with someone, you need to know if you will be compatible with the other person. No one is perfect, so there will always be challenges - but how many and how hard are the challenges? Theses reports will help you with those questions!

With the relationship reports, I do the Natal reports and then I compare the two reports together in Synastry reports. You will then understand how the two of you relate to each other.

Sky Within                                                                 $20     

A great natal report from the spiritual aspects of astrology, looking into your human experience.  This conversational style report provides food for thought on your lifetime journey.

Day Watch                                                 1 month  $10     

                                                                   3 months $30    

                                                                   6 months $60    

                                                               12 months $100    

This is a personalized calendar that gives you day to day information on what’s going on for you. It provides daily predictions so you know what’s coming your way. A great tool for the really busy person!

Opportunities                                                           $20     

If you’ve ever said to yourself ‘Gee, I wish I had a career that I loved and that’s fun!’ or ‘I want a career that’s my passion!’ - Opportunities will help you have a Clear View of what and how to go about that. It’s a personal report to will help with self- esteem, creative ability, best work environment, strengths and weakness and will help you to create your life’s path.

Your Spiritual Path                                                   $20    

This report lets you take a look at how you can best get a Clear View of how you can nurture and develop those characteristics that enhance your spiritual journey. You can have a great look ‘’ Inside’’!!!!! Wow!  What a great tool to have to help you in creating your life!!


Past Life Astrology                                                   $24    

This report helps us understand what has happened in past lives that may be affecting your life now. It can show you past patterns and tendencies from previous lives. This can help you with the karma and give you a Clear View of how to best deal with this lifetime.  You may have and “AHA moment!”.  It’s a  great experience!



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