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  • Sherri Powell

Monthly Forecast May

At the beginning of May, we have a period of Transformation!!!

Mercury and Pluto will be Retrograde, meaning time to Reflect! Time to slow down and feel the energy!

These are the dates that will be important this month!

May 1st - Pluto will be retrograde into Aquarius. Pluto only goes retrograde once a year. Pluto will move back into Capricorn on June 11th. This could ramp up Aquarius. Pluto will be gentle, but will bring something out of darkness and into the light. We will see something differently?!

May 1st - Mercury Retrograde Conjunct sits on top of the Sun! This energy will be over the top. New insights, information and facts. New clarity, so listen to your intuition!

May 5th - Scorpio Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse. This is an important time to get closer. Also, a time of emotions. A time to make more changes! The energy is really on "blast off!" A great time to tune into what you are feeling!!

May 9th - Sun Conjuncts Uranus, Wow! Think outside the box and experience awakenings!!!

May 14th - Mercury goes direct in Taurus!!! Give Taurus some time to get it together. Now would be a great time for listening to your intuition!

May 14th - On the 21st, Jupiter squares Pluto. Hard work will pay off now, so new challenges can move forward. There will be good energy. Energy will help you to feel powerful!

May 16th - Jupiter moves into Taurus, A big deal because Jupiter has been in Aries and moves into Taurus earth grounded. Time to slow it down and look around to see how you can make some changes and without fear about these changes!

May 19th - Taurus New Moon. This is a great energy that will calm down your emotions and will organize. Work on your budget and recharge yourself!

May 19 - Mars conjuncts Pluto. Energy might be fiery, so breathe and be careful of what you say. You might feel restlessness and aggravated?!

May 21st - Sun moves into Gemini. Lets get creative. This energy is good. You might have a hard time focusing. A good time for communication!

May 27th - 29th - Sun squares Saturn in Pisces. This energy might be challenging. What have we been putting off and how are we moving forward to the next level in our lives?

May 29th - 31st - The Sun is helping us focus and helping with our intuition to increase our Wisdom. We can connect with our higher self and our soul. This is an awesome time and a great lesson for us all!!!

I hope I have given you a Clear View of May. This a good time to have an Astrology consultation!!!

With Gratitude,



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