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  • Sherri Powell

March 2023 Monthly Message

March 2023

March will bring some of the biggest and most significant events of this year!

Busy and energetic month! I’m sending you the entire month instead of two weeks because this is an important time!!

Saturn the taskmaster, karmic, and biggest comic events in 2023. Saturn will be in Pisces for 2 and a half years starting around March 3rd!!!

Pluto will move into Aquarius around March 23rd and then it moves back into Capricorn until the 11th of June until November 19 of 2024. Pluto will be in Aquarius until March of 2043!

This month will be the beginning of some major turning points for a long time!

The 7th/8th Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces. This energy is over the top, but I think we are ready to rock and roll!!! This will be very healing, and it will help us make some decision about what is beneficial for us right now?! We need to take care of ourselves for now! Time to get rid of the old, so the new can come into our lives!

Saturn will be moving into Pisces around the 3rd to the 8th.

We need to feel safe in our world and this helps us to feel creative and productive in a great, energic way!!!

Saturn moving into Pisces is a huge deal. This is a journey of karmic lessons. Saturn is the Lord of Karma. The lessons can be Boundaries, Creativity, Spirituality and mental health.

The 10th Jupiter Conjunct Chiron. Leave the past behind you. This energy is very fiery and healing. This energy can help us surrender while finally moving on with our lives! We may not forget the pain, but we can move forward with a different view of the pain? Jupiter is luck and expansion focus on the positive!

The 11th Venus Conjunct Eris, a dwarf planet known as Mars’ sister. Bold Fiery and Courageous energy. This a about Goddess energy and helps us with our intuitive energy! I don’t use her a lot, but this month she is on fire and will help move us forward!

The 15-16 Triple Conjunction – Sun, Neptune, Mercury all in Pisces. Wow the energy for Pisces is wonderful but sometime Pisces gets overwhelmed and can be in fog?! Be careful to watch your boundaries. Also, your imagination can wonder, but that’s a good thing. It helps us with our creativity and intuition so we can have joy and purpose! Go with the flow!!! Dreams can be great and a vision board can help.

The 17th Mars in Gemini leaves Gemini. It’s the Shadow time when it takes a minute to get familiar with the energy change. Mars not being Retrograde

We need to think about who and we need to give our energy as well?

The 17th Venus in Aries Squares Pluto in Capricorn which triggers relationship issues. Are their power struggles? A time to dig deeply and look at what is bothering us. Can you fix it?

The 20th Equinox + Sun + Aries + Start of Astrological New Year!!!

Spring is here!!!!!!! Fresh starts and new beginnings. Honor Balance and Harmony!

It is time to bloom. This is a time of Naturally balancing and Aligning so we can bloom!

The 21st Aries New Moon. Wow, the energy is powerful and Magical. Call in what do you want and wish to create for yourself!!! This is the last New Moon for this year at 1 degrees. This is very powerful, so what have you been wanting to change and what have you been working on. Now is the time to move forward!!!

The 23 Pluto being Ending and Rebirth moves into Aquarius. This is a huge deal!!! Pluto will move into Aquarius for a few months. Right now he is having us look back and see what lessons about transformation we have learned, and what we need to learn when he is in Aquarius. Pluto in Aquarius is a rebirth energy shift to independence, technology and thinking outside of the box!

The 25 Mars in Cancer. Mars moves out of Gemini and into Cancer. How has your life changed since August of 2022, Your energy motivation and fears?

The 30th Venus Conjunct Uranus in Taurus. Love is in the air! Love can be found and it might be a big surprise. Keep your eyes open!!!

I hope I have given you a Clear View of this Month!

With Gratitude. Thank you. Sherri


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