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Weekly Horoscope December

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December 2022

Jupiter is the Star this month. He is going direct and in Aries! For now, Jupiter is back in Pisces. Neptune is going direct and he is too shy to be the Star.

Mercury goes Retrograde this month on the 29th until January 18th. Think about your New Year resolutions and get them on paper or out in the universe before Mercury goes Retrograde!!!

The 1st Venus is opposite Mars. Sags/ Gemini. Pay attention to what is going on around you. You might get your heart broken?!

The 3rd Mercury square Neptune Sag/Pisces. Be careful what you say because you might forget something that is important!

Neptune turns direct in Pisces. A great time to work on something creative and this is a time when you have a lot of great creative ideas!

The 4th Venus square Neptune Sag/Pisces. Stand up for yourself and don’t let someone take advantage of you! You can do this!!!

The 6th Mercury square Jupiter Sag/ Pisces. Watch what you say because it might come back and bite you?

Mercury moves into Capricorn. Mercury is somewhat reserved in Capricorn. Mercury turns Retrograde the 29th until Jan18th. This is a long time to be in Capricorn so be careful of what and how you say things. Also with Mercury Retrograde, remember all the RE’s - repair, reflect, react and there will be rewards!!

The 7th Full Moon in Gemini. The energy is confrontational! The Moon is conjuct with Mars retrograde. This is a calm downtime for sure. Things can go out of control. So be kind and patient?!

The 8th Sun opposite Mars Sag/Gemini. Again, patient and calm? This could be a time of frustration! Not a good time to make a major decision.

The 9th Venus square Jupiter Sag/Gemini. Watch your spending, partying and eating. We might overdo it. Have fun but be careful!

Venus moves into Capricorn until Jan. 2nd. A great energy for getting what you want and be very productive. A good energy for money and relationships! What you value now?!

The 14th Sun square Neptune Sag/Pisces. Kind of a fuzzy day? Not a good day to make major decisions. Good day to take a break!

The 17th Mercury trine Uranus. Yea! Great energy!!! Think outside the box. You might have some magical ideas. Write, travel short trips. This is about being unique and having fun!

The 20th Jupiter moves into Aries until May 16th 2023. A super transit gives you a year of growth in new ideas and new projects. If you started something in May or October, you can finish those now?! What do you want to accomplish? Well, now is the time to go for it!!!!!

The 21st Sun moves into Capricorn until Jan 20th - 23rd Winter Solstice. Energy is great. You can build a great foundation and security. Also, a good time for career and finances!!!

The 22nd Venus trine Uranus Capricorn/ Taurus. A good energy day for trying something new and having some fun!!! A great time for a vacation so find some place you haven’t been?!

The 23rd New Moon in Capricorn. New beginnings can be magical and fun! Great energy for starting something you have always wanted to do!

The 29th Mercury turns retrograde in Capricorn until Jan 18th. Look to see what house your Capricorn is in and that’s what will be triggered. Remember that retrograde is all about healing and rethinking. This a lesson and that doesn’t mean it’s all bad! Reflect and Rewards will come!!!

Mercury conjunct Venus in Capricorn. This could bring good news and a good time to study!

I want to Thank You. I love doing Astrology and it has been for a long time my passion! It’s an honor to help you and give you clarity!

I will be having some specials on Reports this month check with me please.

330-704-6411 Thanks. With gratitude. Sherri.

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