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  • Sherri Powell

Weekly May

May 16 - 31

16th - Jupiter moves into Taurus. This is an important transit. When Jupiter was in Aries, it was go,go,go! Now, it’s about slow down, chill and ground yourself! This is growth, expansion and abundance. This will give us a little more patience with each other. Might want more stability.

17th - Jupiter squares Pluto. Wow, this starts Jupiter in Taurus with a bang! Pluto in Aquarius can bring some tension. We might be challenging our beliefs in our personal lives, our values and abundance?

18th - Sun sextiles Neptune. We might want to organize something in our lives?

19th - New Moon in Taurus. This is a great New Moon. It is Sextile Mars in Leo- Sextiles, Neptune in Pisces and Trine Pluto in Aquarius!!! Well, yippy skippy for us!!!! The Universe is on your side!! A great time to get something done that you have been wanting to finish!!! Enjoy!

20th - Mars moves into Leo. Harmony feels more in tune with life and confidence in our lives and actions.

21st - Sun moves into Gemini. Happy Birthday Gemini’s!!! A great time to be curious, open-minded and listen to our ideas, our insights and reflect!

22nd - Sun sextiles Mars. Let your light shine!

23rd - Mars squares Jupiter in Leo. Might be a good day to breathe and be calm?

28th - Sun squares Saturn. This is a day to not be risky!!!

I hope I have given you a Clear View of the next 2 weeks.

A good time to have your Astrology consultation. It will give you some clarity about what is going on in your life!

With Gratitude,


Look on my web site for the month report!

Thank You with Graduate



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