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  • Sherri Powell

The Most important Transits in 2024


Pluto moves into Aquarius

January 20th Turns Retrograde May 2nd in Aquarius September 3rd moves back into Pluto until October 11th goes direct the 11th in Capricorn moves back into Aquarius November 20th for good!

February-19th North Node conjunct Chiron the wounded healer In Aries. A time to really look at our wounds in a different light and break the cycle of your wounds.

April 21st- Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus- Opportunities for Taurus.

A Magical and exciting time.

Jupiter also sextiles Saturn in Pisces wow exciting maybe not at first but if you listen to your intuition good things and change may happen! If you have planets around 21degree in the other fixed signs can be a challenge but give it some time!

May 25th Jupiter moves into Gemini- and trine with Pluto in Aquarius-Talk about what you want and your dreams this is a great energy!

Solar and Lunar Eclipse and Mercury Retrogrades are on this web site!

Most important JUPITER transits in 2024

April 20-21 Jupiter conjunct Uranus Taurus

May 18 Sun conjunct Jupiter Taurus

May 23rd Venus conjunct Jupiter Taurus

May 24 Jupiter sextile Neptune

May 25th Jupiter moves into Gemini

June 2nd Jupiter trine Pluto Aquarius

August 14th Mars conjunct Jupiter Gemini

August 19th Jupiter square Saturn Pisces

September 15th Venus in Libra trine Jupiter Gemini

October 9th Jupiter turns Retrograde Gemini

December 24th Jupiter squares Saturn Pisces


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