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  • Sherri Powell

New and Full Moons 2024 & the Law of Abundance

The following are the dates for the New and Full Moons in 2023. Sometimes the date may be different because of the time zone! The dates below are for the U.S. Eastern Time Zone.

New Moons and Law of abundance.

The Law of Abundance is always with the New Moon. Writing the check or piece of paper right before the New Moon is helping put your energy and Abundance out in the Universe. This abundance is not always money. The abundance may come to you in different forms. Small gifts, kindness, small gift of money or someone might owe you something or have something of yours they may return! It may come out of the blue!

To do this you can use a blank check or if you don't have checks write on a piece of paper.

The Date of the New Moon. On the 1st line (the pay to the order of line on the check) write your full name using all of your names including married and maiden name. Next write Paid in Full for the $ line on the check. Next, write Paid in Full on the line to write out the amount of the check. Sign the check Law of Abundance. Do not throw the check or paper away put it away and forget about it!!!!!

New Moon

Capricorn New Moon January 11

Aquarius New Moon February 9th

Pisces New Moon March10th

Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse April 8th

Taurus New Moon May 7th

Gemini New Moon June 6th

Cancer New Moon July 5th

Leo New Moon August 4th

Virgo New Moon September 2nd

Libra Solar Eclipse New Moon October2nd

Scorpio New Moon November 1st

Sagittarius New Moon December 1st

Capricorn New Moon December30th

Full Moon

Leo January 25th

Virgo February 24th

Libra Lunar Eclipse March 25th

Scorpio April 23rd

Sagittarius May23rd

Capricorn June 21st

Capricorn July 21

Aquarius August 19th

Pisces Lunar Eclipse September 17th

Aries October 17th

Taurus November 15th

Gemini December 15th


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