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Monthly Horoscope

  • Sherri Powell

Updated: 5 days ago

December 2023

I wish everyone Happy Holidays!

The 12th and 13th of December, 2023, Mercury goes Retrograde until January 1st! Remember all of the Re’s. Rethink, Repair, Replace, Re-purpose. Re-cycle and you know all the RE’S. Rewards can come!!! Make sure that if you’re traveling, all your plans are good to go!!!! Try to get your shopping done before the 12th. If you’re shopping during the retrograde, be careful and recheck everything!!!

The 4th to the 24th, Venus moves into Scorpio. This is all about deepening your relationship - or not?! A good time for financial planning!

The 1st Venus squares Pluto Libra/Capricorn. In your relationship, who is in control?

The 3rd Mercury moves into Capricorn and goes Retrograde the 13th. Conversations will be to the point. Not a lot of chit-chat! Might have some control or power issue’s?

The 4th Venus moves into Scorpio.

The 5th Venus trine Saturn-Scorpio/ Pisces. Do you want to be in a long term relationship? A new relationship started now could be long term!

The 6th Neptune turns direct. Spirituality and Compassion are the things you need to focus on! Could bring some confusion or doubt? But could be released of the guilt?!

The 7th Mercury trine Jupiter Capricorn/Taurus. Good energy and maybe good news!!! There are 2 this month the second one is the 18th.

The 9th Venus opposite Jupiter. You will be more optimistic and begin having good times! Enjoy!

The 12th, New Moon in Sagittarius. Have fun. Go out and party! Learn new things and teach. Enjoy your freedom!!! Plan events!!! Travel Maybe take a risk!

The 15th-17th Moon in Aquarius. A Good time for holiday parties. Try something and think outside the box!

The 16th The Sun Squares Neptune. If you are partying, watch the driving under the influence?

The 18th Mercury trines Jupiter. This is the second Mercury trine Jupiter. The first one was December 7th. The last one is January 9th. Please, this is great energy so take time and enjoy.

The 21st Winter Solstice, Sun moves into Capricorn. What will you focus on? What is important to you? Be organized in your profession and personal life. Capricorn gives us the patience and energy to take on one thing at a time!

Venus opposite Uranus Scorpio/Taurus. Someone might want to walk away, let them go?!

The 22nd, Sun conjunct Mercury in Capricorn. What are you thinking about? Write it down! It might turn into a great idea!

The 23rd - Mercury retrogrades back into Sagittarius. You might want to rethink a few things that you’ve been thinking about or doing now?

The 24th Sun sextiles Saturn. Your hard work pays off. Great time to let go of things you don’t need?

The 25th Christmas Day. Venus trine Neptune in Scorpio/Pisces. A great aspect for Christmas. A loving warm day! Enjoy!

The 26th Full Moon in cancer. A nurturing, caring and sensitive day. Have fun and enjoy family

The 27th and 28th Mercury squares Neptune-Sagittarius/Pisces. This is about dreaming big, and believing the truth! Watch your back! There could be some deceit?

Sun trine Jupiter in Capricorn. Good finances and make some long term plans!

Mercury conjunct Mars in Sagittarius. Time to do something that’s Mars!!! Have a good conversation with like-minded people!

The 29th Venus moves into Sagittarius until January. Romance, wealth, luxury and fun!

The 30th Jupiter turns direct in Taurus. Can be good news about real estate. New beginnings and clarity!!!

The 31st New Year Eve. Have a great time and know that I wish everyone the best year ever!

Thank you. I hope I have given you a Clear View of December.

Look at my web site for more Reports that perhaps I can do for you! I’m going to teach a more in-depth Sun sign class in January. If you are interested, let me know!

With Gratitude,



Updated: Feb 21

The following are the dates for the New and Full Moons in 2023. Sometimes the date may be different because of the time zone! The dates below are for the U.S. Eastern Time Zone.

January 16 Full Moon in Cancer, January 21 New Moon in Aquarius

February 5 Full Moon in Leo, February 20 New Moon in Pisces

March 7 Full Moon in Virgo, March 21 New Moon in Aries

April 6 Full Moon in Libra, April 20 New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Aries

May 5 Full Moon in Scorpio and Lunar Eclipse, May 19 New Moon in Taurus

June 3 Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 18 New Moon in Gemini

July 3 Full Moon in Capricorn, July 17 New Moon in Cancer

August 1 Full Moon in Aquarius, August 16 New Moon in Leo, August 30 Full Moon in Pisces

September 29 Full Moon in Aries, September 14 New Moon in Virgo

October 28 Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, October 14 New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Libra

November 27 Full Moon in Gemini, November 13 New Moon in Scorpio

December 26 Full Moon in Cancer, December 12 New Moon in Sagittarius

New Moons and Law of abundance.

The Law of Abundance is always with the New Moon. Writing the check or piece of paper right before the New Moon is helping put your energy and Abundance out in the Universe. This abundance is not always money. The abundance may come to you in different forms. Small gifts, kindness, small gift of money or someone might owe you something or have something of yours they may return! It may come out of the blue!

To do this you can use a blank check or if you don't have checks write on a piece of paper.

The Date of the New Moon. On the 1st line (the pay to the order of line on the check) write your full name using all of your names including married and maiden name. Next write Paid in Full for the $ line on the check. Next, write Paid in Full on the line to write out the amount of the check. Sign the check Law of Abundance. Do not throw the check or paper away put it away and forget about it!!!!!

  • Sherri Powell

Four Mercury again!!!!

December 29, 2022 -- January 18th, 2023

April 21--May 14th, 2023

August 23--September 15th, 2023

December12/13, 2023 --January 1 2024

Mercury Retrograde is all about the RE's. Re think Re do Re pair Re act Re member Re adjust Re wards at the end of the Retrograde!
Mercury is not going backwards it slows down a bit. Sometimes we feel like we are going backwards Three steps forward and 6 steps backwards. Or we might just feel like we don't have the same energy.
Please don't look Mercury Retrograde is a bad things it is just lessons we need to learn.
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