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Monthly Horoscope


April 20th The energy of this conjunction started Mid-March and will last until Mid- May.

Jupiter and Uranus come together about every 14years and they will join Taurus at 21 degrees of Taurus this hasn’t happened since 1941.

Jupiter and Uranus came together in 2010 in Pisces and Aries. From May – October what was going on in your life at that time?

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance, success and fortune. The lucky planet! Jupiter helps us focus on what we really want!

Uranus is the planet of innovation, change, and awakening. It rules over things like technology and advancement that can lead us into a new revolution. On a personal level!

Both planets like freedom and to exploration. This is about thinking for ourselves follow your true self! With Jupiter things can be magical so think outside the box for what you want!

Jupiter and Uranus coming together in Taurus gives us clues in what we might see?! New innovations when it comes to Money, Farming, Food Supply.

This will come to the forefront April 20th a time to think of planting of the seeds. But might have to wait awhile before things get started!

What this means for you- On a more intimate level, Jupiter and Uranus encourage us to begin changing out thoughts about success and Fortune! Become who we really are!

I hope I gave you a Clear View of this Conjunction A Conjunct is planets are very close together or sitting on top of each other.


With Gratitude



Aries-- I am- Initiative Accessible, action-oriented, approachable

Taurus-- I have--Conservation--Resources, revenue, riches

Gemini I think--Versatility--Ideas, inquisitiveness, intelligence

Cancer--I feel--Receptivity--Family, feelings, flow

Leo--I will--Magnetic--Heart, honor, humor

Virgo--I analyze--Discriminating-- Analysis, assignment, assimilation

Libra--I balance--Harmony--Clarity, compatibility, contact

Scorpio--I create-- Intensity--Faith, familiarity, filter

Sagittarius--I understand--Optimism--Beliefs, benefits, bounty

Capricorn--I use-- Ambitious--Achievements, ambition, award

Aquarius-- I know--Unconventional--Choice, community, consultation

Pisces--I believe-- Transcendence--Aid, appeal, awe

  • Sherri Powell

Updated: Jun 7

Newsletter 2024

June2024 Newsletter

If you don’t want this Newsletter sent to you, please let me know?!

This month brings strong Gemini energy. This will be one of the best transits of this year. Jupiter in Gemini and Gemini trines Pluto in Aquarius This will lift our spirit, fire up our intellect and help us express our potential. Gemini can be two because they’re twins. They can be material and spiritual all at the same time! We have a tendency to find a greater balance between material and spiritual energy.

The 29th Saturn, the master teacher planet, goes retrograde in Pisces until November 15th. This is an opportunity to see if we have been doing what we are supposed to be doing? Remember that Saturn helps us move in the right direction.

The 2nd Jupiter in Gemini Trine Pluto in Aquarius. This gives us nice energy from both Planets. Jupiter and Pluto are a positive omen for success, wealth, and fame. Listen to your intuition and all opportunities!!!

The 3rd Mercury in Gemini. Three planets are aligned – Gemini, Mercury and Sun. This a Stellium and there will be strong energy that can bring balance to our spirit and human bodies. Also, all communication will be way easier and way more positive!

The 4th Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini. The Sun and Venus come together, merging their energies as one. This powerful day can boost our creative and harmonious relationships. If your relationship needs some healing, this will be a great time for understanding compassion.

The 6th Gemini New Moon is all about love. This New Moon is very powerful and can bring a fresh look at the relationship. We may be inspired to open our minds or think about what we really want when it comes to love!

The 8th Venus Square Saturn. Love them or leave them?! Make up your mind about your relationships.

The 9th Mars in Taurus. The Sun Squares Saturn. This energy is grounded. Mars isn’t crazy about Taurus, but it can help us move into a state of refinement. Refining details slow and steady and also a good time to focus on health and well-being! Sun Squares Saturn is about being Patient!

There may be some problems on the 9th to the 13th. Don’t ignore them. See what is causing them?

The11th Mars in Taurus Square Pluto in Aquarius. This is considered a combative alignment. It can bring struggle and unrest. If we are holding onto resentment, we may use this time to work on anger issues and the resentment?! Don’t be hard on yourself it’s simply time to do some healing!

The 12th Mercury Square Aquarius might need to rest and this is not a good time to sign contracts

The 14th The Sun Conjunct Mercury in Gemini. Great energy day for Journaling and negotiating contracts. This energy will bring some clarity and Good Opportunities!!

The 17th Mercury and Venus are in Cancer. This creates a softer and more compassionate wave. There is a wonderful soft energy to create a grace in your world. Enjoy!

The 20th Sun moves into Cancer. The Summer Solstice. This is a power day which moves the power grid into a Higher harmony. Set your intentions and enjoy the healing power of this energy! The seasons shifting for some parts of the world can also be a shift in our live as well.

The 21th Capricorn Full Moon. This Full Moon wants us to take responsibility and get our Ducks in a row! Sometimes the Full Moon makes us take a serious look at ourselves. It can be an awakening. Allow yourself to look at yourself and change the things you need to change or what you need to do and take action! It’s time to break the karma and create a new path forward!  This is a Magical time to do what we need to do!

The 29th Saturn Retrograde in Pisces until November 15th!  This is a Powerful Day! What lessons are we supposed to be learning and master? Please pay attention to the lessons that have been going on in your life? Saturn Retrograde will ensure that we will and have mastered the lessons that have come our way. Saturn will bring gifts and rewards, as we finally master a new chapter of our lives!

I hope I have given you a Clear View of June.

 With Gratitude

Thanks Sherri




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