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The Meaning of the Eclipses

Updated: Oct 14

Eclipses are an interaction with the Earth, the Moon and the Sun.

Lunar Eclipse arrives when the Earth stands between the Moon and the Sun. It cuts off the the light of the Sun from the Moon. This happens at the Full Moon. This makes the Moon very intense! This can bring major endings, changes, and may hep us with in sites.

Solar Eclipse is extremely powerful. Moon stands between the Sun cutting off the light off the Sun from our perspective .New Moon can bring great new starts, new beginnings and a new way of thinking.

Eclipses happen on the New Moon and the full Moon. Eclipses usually happen impairs the energy of the Eclipses appear about every about 6 months.

Eclipses October 25th and November 8th

This energy can be good energy. Rally look at what you want and how you want to change things around!!! Please don’t miss the opportunities theses Eclipses can bring for you!!!

October 25th brings a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 2 degrees. The 2nd Eclipse will be on November 8th - a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus.

If you have personal planets in Scorpio at 2 degrees Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and or mars, or Rising sign at 0 or 2 degrees, it can affect you also.

Eclipses can sometimes be a 6-month journey and sometimes you can feel the eclipse one month before it starts. They can bring endings and beginnings! Eclipse on the 25th will be a Partial Solar Eclipse. This Eclipse can be about day to day things we do, or it can disrupt are routine and it can come from out of nowhere? This can also make us ponder what are we doing and what do we want to do?

This Solar Eclipse is a powerful New Moon. Get ready to decide what you want and set your intentions around Scorpio ideas. Transformation and New ideas for the next 6 months!

The Solar Eclipse is conjunct Venus. Harmony, Love, diplomacy. This a great time to find your balance.

November 8th in Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. You will need to think about Money, Property and Family. This is all about feeling safe and secure.

This can be about starting something new and ending something. The Full Moon in Taurus can help you finish something you have started such as old memories. Lunar Eclipse can bring emotions up for us to consider

This Eclipse has a lot of Aspect going on which means that things will be moving around this Eclipse. Uranus and Saturn aren’t happy because this is about change and not wanting to change. This can be a good thing if you stop and think about what you want to do and how. If your Birthday falls on or close to the Eclipse, dates, near the date you might make some serious changes. That can be a good thing!!!! Eclipses can be a release and a renewal time in your life!!!

If you have personal planets in 16 degrees Taurus, this can affect what house you have Taurus in, and this can tell you how it might affect you!

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