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Monthly Horoscope

  • Sherri Powell

Updated: Aug 16

August 16-31

Lots of things going on with the retrogrades this month. Here is a little information that might be helpful!

The 16th New Moon in Leo. Fire and earth elements are strong. A good time to be creative and passionate! Have some fun, loving Venus is retrograde in Leo until September 2nd. You have to make some time for your partner or friends!

This New Moon can be challenging, but also brings harmony! There could be a surprise?

Mercury will be Retrograde from the 23rd until September 15th. Organizing will help you while getting ready for fall! A good time to tie up loose ends! Think about what you want to start!

The 22nd and 23rd Take it easy. The Sun challenges Uranus. ( road rage?) The Moon in intense Scorpio and Mercury turning Retrograde. The Sun is moving into Virgo. Watch what you say. Don’t be critical and don’t take things to heart. Speak your truth in a quiet and respectful way!

The 24th Mars is in harmony with Pluto on Thursday and Friday with the Sagittarius Moon. This is great energy harmony and power! A great time to let go of things you are holding on too!

The 27th and 28th Sunday and Monday. Energy will change. Mars moves into Libra until October. Reach out to friends and have some fun. Do something in your house that you want to change and shop for some new clothes!

Monday Uranus goes Retrograde until late January in Taurus. Be flexible because things might change!!!

The 30th Pisces Full Moon. A Super Moon. What are your emotions all about at this time? Saturn is in the mix, so emotions can change quickly! Also this supports business as usual. You can get new things started!


Eclipses are an interaction with the Earth, the Moon and the Sun.

Lunar Eclipse arrives when the Earth stands between the Moon and the Sun. It cuts off the the light of the Sun from the Moon. This happens at the Full Moon. This makes the Moon very intense! This can bring major endings, changes, and may hep us with in sites.

Solar Eclipse is extremely powerful. Moon stands between the Sun cutting off the light off the Sun from our perspective .New Moon can bring great new starts, new beginnings and a new way of thinking.

Eclipses happen on the New Moon and the Full Moon. Eclipses usually happen impairs the energy of the Eclipses appear about every about 6 months.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries April 20th, 2023

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio in May 5th, 2023

New Moon Eclipse in Libra in October 14th, 2023

Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus in October 28th, 2023

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