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  • Sherri Powell

April Jupiter Uranus Conjunction


April 20th The energy of this conjunction started Mid-March and will last until Mid- May.

Jupiter and Uranus come together about every 14years and they will join Taurus at 21 degrees of Taurus this hasn’t happened since 1941.

Jupiter and Uranus came together in 2010 in Pisces and Aries. From May – October what was going on in your life at that time?

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance, success and fortune. The lucky planet! Jupiter helps us focus on what we really want!

Uranus is the planet of innovation, change, and awakening. It rules over things like technology and advancement that can lead us into a new revolution. On a personal level!

Both planets like freedom and to exploration. This is about thinking for ourselves follow your true self! With Jupiter things can be magical so think outside the box for what you want!

Jupiter and Uranus coming together in Taurus gives us clues in what we might see?! New innovations when it comes to Money, Farming, Food Supply.

This will come to the forefront April 20th a time to think of planting of the seeds. But might have to wait awhile before things get started!

What this means for you- On a more intimate level, Jupiter and Uranus encourage us to begin changing out thoughts about success and Fortune! Become who we really are!

I hope I gave you a Clear View of this Conjunction A Conjunct is planets are very close together or sitting on top of each other.


With Gratitude



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